Dentistry in Seattle

"I highly recommend this place"

When I moved to Seattle last summer I was completely ripped off after an exam at a larger corporate office. I decided to come here instead after that frustrating experience. Dr. Chothia takes his time with his patients and answers any and all questions. All the staff I have interacted with here are very friendly too. I see that he has some mixed reviews, but I really loved my experience here so far!

"Prompt service and friendly staff. As this was my first extraction my experience is limited but I have no complaints."

The dentist thoroughly explained the process, he made sure I was completely numb and as relaxed as I could be. Overall, about as pleasant as a dental appointment for a tooth extraction could be.

"As soon as the Dr. came, he was super nice, walked me through it and made me feel comfortable"

He made sure I was numb all the way through and helped me calm my nerves before starting. He was as gentle and he could’ve possibly been and it was over before I know it! I’m very happy with my experience and would recommend it to anybody!

I highly recommend this place. Overall vibe of the place was great, the waiting room was very nice and the staff helped create an amazing atmosphere.

Getting your teeth pulled out is never something to be excited about but here they really strive to provide the best all around service. I am very thankful for everyone there!

"I had an excellent experience with all the staff"

I needed a tooth pulled right away and was in a lot of pain but couldn't find any dentists willing to pull it same day. I called and the receptionist said they were booked until the following week, I told her my pain and what was going on and she had me hold and talked to the dr, they got me in that day! I was so relieved and a little scared to be going to a new dentist. Its a very friendly environment and you can tell everyone loves their jobs. Dr. Chothia was very nice and talked with me before, during and after my extraction, he answered any questions I had and made sure I was comfortable and really numbed :) It was the most pleasant dental visit I've ever had, and I would highly recommend it!